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Approach force Er is rolled out especially without inductor model but process de
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Approach force Er is special the company is rolled out without inductor. The height that this parts of an apparatus can satisfy portable applying is worth demand of power and batteries backup. LTC3225 uses low noise to charge pump framework, the input power source that uses 2.8V to 5.5V charges the super capacitor of two series connection to fixed output voltage (4.8V/5.3V optional) . Charging current can use resistor process designing to come be as high as 150mA, and this parts of an apparatus has automatic capacity to balance ability, the voltage that need not balance resistor to be able to maintain two capacitor to go up is equal (2.4V/2.65V is optional) . This can make because batteries capacity is broken,every super capacitor spares match or leak place causes control damage too, and the cost that utmost ground reduced capacitor to go up uses electricity. In the input power source purify or short circuit arrive when the ground, LTC3225 won't allow super capacitor discharge.
When output voltage is in steady state, LTC3225 works with electric current of low-down 20uA static state, and absorb 2uA electric current from VOUT only. After inputting power source purify, enter small electric current automatically to park plane position as this integrated circuit, do not absorb 1uA electric current from super capacitor, electric current will be reduced further. Charge basically circuit needs 3 exterior package only, take up very little space, and this integrated circuit is used occupy board the area is enclosed for the dainty DFN of 6mm2. LTC3225 special apply to the current limliting application that has load of power of high peak value, if pulse of LED flashlight PCMCIA Tx, HDD pulse, GPRS/GSM is transmitted,wait. In addition, it still can use as backup power source. And, older board class system (for example: Server and system of RAID/ huge memory) still often need concise high power mothball power source, and super capacitor suits to use as very much this kind of power source. Other key characteristic includes automatic recharge, inside buy current limliting and limitation of quantity of heat, and conduce to the 1MHz senior engineer that reduces exterior component size making frequency.
LTC3225 is used compact model 10 down-lead, compressed (0.75mm) 2mm X 3mm DFN is enclosed, be in - 40? Does C come 85? The job inside the environmental temperature limits of C has assure. Buy for unit batch with 1000, every price is 2 dollars. Information source:
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