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Ansenmei pushs 8/12/16A newly 3 end series of component of switch of two-way sil
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An Sen beautiful semiconductor (ON Semiconductor) augment is high-powered 3 end two-waySilicon controlled rectifierSwitch component(TRIAC) range of products, roll out 12 new TRIAC, offer 8, 12 mix 16 (the usable rated power of A) , have 35 with 50 milliampere (the door of MA) touchs hair electric current (Igt) . Parts of an apparatus of this BTAxxx series special agree with exquisite segregation voltage, and the industry that safety is first consideration and control application.

Mai Manquan of vice-president of sale of market of whole world of ministry of semiconductor standard product expresses Ansenmei: Beautiful semiconductor of “ An Sen supplies silicon controlled rectifierRectifier(SCR) and TRIAC history are long, we roll out new TRIAC BTAxxx series, indicating An Sen is beautiful semiconductor marchsBrilliant brake is in charge ofSegregation encloses the market. Every design personnel is facing the pressure that promotes a design security and efficiency. The TRIAC with An Sen beautiful new semiconductor and SCR are opposite any need safety, efficient communicating (AC)Power source | ManostatSwitchThe system of the operation is crucial, they are complete inside the segregation of buy is enclosed can offer extremely tall segregation voltage, times add safety, it is the another capable range of products after our afterwards rolls out TRIAC BTBxxx series. ”

Series of BTAxxx series and as quits as its blame segregation BTBxxx is used newest silicon chip and enclose a design, optimized naked be accumulated one-sidedly and enclose construction, promoted parts of an apparatus property, make An Sen beautiful semiconductor can roll out high-powered parts of an apparatus with competitive price.

The new BTA08-600BW3G that installs dark beauty semiconductor, BTA08-800BW3G, BTA12-600BW3G, BTA12-800BW3G, BTA16-600BW3G, BTA16-800BW3G, BTA08-600CW3G, BTA08-800CW3G, BTA12-600CW3G, BTA12-800CW3G, BTA16-600CW3G and BTA16-800CW3G TRIAC parts of an apparatus offer top-ranking segregation the function, tall door that suits to be designed without bumper sparks electric current, can. This product line will be ceaseless augment, be about to roll out a product to will have sensitive door and the character such as 4 quadrantal operations.
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