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IT of communication of 2008 polish international and electronic exposition

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Country: ChinaCity: South wave at presentSponsor an unit: Mi Aolan is specialConference time: [2008-06-09] comes [2008-06-11]Exhibit meeting address: Center of exhibition of the international austral polish wave at presentExhibit house title: Center of exhibition of the international austral wave at presentNetwork address: Http://Contact: China young ladyPhone: 0086-571-87761790 87707037Mobile phone: Fax: E-mail: Expo2-2@meorient-hz.comConference content:

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1.Computer periphery reachs software:
2.Communication network product:
3.Electron yuan parts of an apparatus:
4.Product of electron of recreation of digital image sound, consumption:
5.The bank reachs finance:
6.Business affairs application:
[postpone meeting brief introduction]
Polish the Ou Dong in be located in is upper, north is close to Baltic, on the west adjacent Germany, south bound Czech, Slovak, northeast and southeast and White Russia and Wukelan are linked together. Poland is the member country with the biggest European Union, level of its custom duty already fell considerably. Outside dividing native market, poland sells the network center of area as hamster consumable, its periphery market also contain is worn tremendous potential. According to relevant data statistic, our country exit has to polish partial product: Office equipment, computer component reachs accessory, telegraphic equipment reachs component, semiconductor, valve, circuit electron equipment.

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