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Russia is Muscovite 2008 exhibition of electron of international electric power
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Country: ChinaCity: MoscowSponsor an unit: Center of Russia international exhibitionConference time: [2008-06-09] comes [2008-06-13]Exhibit meeting address: Russia is Muscovite international exhibits a centerExhibit house title: Russia is Muscovite international exhibits a centerNetwork address: Http:// Cherish of the first month is in reliefPhone: 010-83824653Mobile phone: 13121082158Fax: 010-83824250E-mail: Mxyqhg@sina.comConference content:

Limits of item on display:
1, material of power project installation, join, electrical wiring, cable, switch of low-pressure electric equipment, equipment, relay, contactor, switch accuses when, aerial, test tool, measure an instrument to wait.
2, consumptive electron product: Plane of sport of phonograph of acoustics of equipment of machine of of all kinds television, video, disc player, seeing and hearing, radio, combination, car is small acoustics, laser, electron, picturephone, mobile telephone.
3, electric home appliances 4, lighting electric equipment, lamps and lanterns kind product: Outdoors illume, the illume inside industry, office, building illume, lamp of family, adornment, electric lamp fittings, bulb, base of lamps and lanterns, energy-saving lamp, material of lamps and lanterns, reflection, reflection implement, illume control, LED technology.
Pertinent information:
1) is worth reliant partner. I manage is classics Department of Commerce, trade close to total meeting, MII is approved have do the special orgnaization that extends right domestic and internationally. Come for years, my department organized large quantities of country relevant enterprise attends international major to exhibit meeting, major devotes oneself to to organize Chinese enterprise to join the exhibition company that international major electron exhibits;
2) home forms a delegation scale is the largest, exhibit a position exceedingly good. My department begins to organize enterprise of electron of domestic professional electric power to attend this to exhibit from 2002, develop relevant market actively, form a delegation first ginseng of more than 100 enterprises is exhibited, trade result is remarkable;
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