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Product of small electric machinery of 2008 Guangzhou magnetic material exhibits
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Country: ChinaCity: GuangzhouSponsor an unit: Material of magnetism of Guangzhou international electric machineryConference time: [2008-05-29] comes [2008-05-31]Exhibit meeting address: Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition centerExhibit house title: Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition centerNetwork address: Http://www.gdwenbo.comContact: To the gentlemanPhone: 020-38250644Mobile phone: Fax: 020-38250644E-mail: Conference content:

Product of small electric machinery of 2008 Guangzhou magnetic material exhibits exhibition (EME EXPO) will on May 29, 2008 - be in Guangzhou 31 days bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center is held ceremoniously, this will be the major great event inside industry of Chinese magnetism cable! Got since extend the height of vast enterprise pays close attention to, whole exhibition center already was sold 80% , group of bully water chestnut, champaign is electric is numerical control of electric equipment of electron of 10 thousand magnetism, Su Ning, Guangzhou, Disikai, gigantic beauty of company of Hai Fan international of force electric machinery, Hong Kong, United States company of K of & of B of company of Luo Ke ability, Denmark, ALMA, . Small Globe Assistance of Fuji of Japan of AWAIS INTERNATIONAL, BURDE, SONDERHOFF, Asaki (THAI LAND) CO. , LTD. Japanese Toshiba (Toshiba) the company of more than 100 China and foreign countries such as riverside of flying benefit of company, Holand, Sony attends actively. Action business work already neared end now, hold to cooperate the consummation of congress, offer more communication commerce opportunities to the businessman, make the optimal platform with enterprise — interactive agency truly, the organizing committee will be in exhibit expert of China and foreign countries is arranged during the meeting (if all alone of chairman of international magnetism couplet is compared / association of Korea medium and small businesses / association of data of Japanese magnetism material) wonderful confused shows technical forum. We invite expensive unit to arrive at cordially look around negotiate

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