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Industry of electron of international of 2008 annulus Bohai Sea is exhibited
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Country: ChinaCity: TianjinSponsor an unit: Association of Chinese electronic industryConference time: [2008-07-03] comes [0000-00-00]Exhibit meeting address: Center of Tianjin international exhibitionExhibit house title: Center of Tianjin international exhibitionNetwork address: Http://Contact: At silvering coinPhone: 022-60468407Mobile phone: 13820667157Fax: E-mail: Qiyangexpo@163.comConference content:

Market background
This one burgeoning economy encircles —— of annulus Bohai Sea, include the main city such as Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Jinan, Yantai, be known as the consumptive group with Chinese the biggest north. Especially respect of electronic manufacturing industry, its export the forehead to already took Chinese market 27% overall, it is China the biggest communication product research and development and manufacturing base, throughout the country's biggest computer is produced and distributing center center reachs sale base, China's mainest electron product the applied market with Chinese the mainest integrated circuit, also be the band of industry of the biggest electron that China is forming.
—— of seaside new developed area new developed area of level of this one state, be in new century new level, the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council develops overall situation to give the main strategy deploy that fit gives from Chinese economy society. Seaside new developed area will be new developed area of afterwards Shenzhen special economic zone, Pudong later, drive Chinese economy growth triode. Current, seaside new developed area already became area of annulus Bohai Sea and even whole nation to provide development vigor and concentration of domestic and international capital to cast most to one of areas. As empty guest of the industrial catenary such as manufacturing industry of new developed area of seaside of settle of line of 320 general assembly and electronic communication, equipment, new energy resources, new material ceaseless and perfect, be sure to attract numerous world-renowned electron industry to transnational corporation invests or be added endowment, the electronic product form a complete set related its is purchased will greet a new development climax.
To promote the rapid development of industry of electron of area of annulus Bohai Sea, the “2008 that exhibits the relevant unit such as service limited company to be held jointly by this world of Tianjin look forward to ” of exhibition of industry of electron of international of Bohai Sea of the 5th annulus will on July 3, 2008 - the center is exhibited 5 days to pull open heavy curtain in Tianjin international, at the appointed time you come from the bring into contact with of materiality domestic and international electron to purchase a manufacturer arrive at exhibit meeting site to communicate collaboration. Greeting ginseng is exhibited, look around.
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