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Exhibition of European international mould
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Country: EuropeCity: GermanySponsor an unit: Company of German DEMAT exhibitionConference time: [2008-12-03] comes [2008-12-06]Exhibit meeting address: Center of German Frankfurt exhibitionExhibit house title: Center of German Frankfurt exhibitionNetwork address: Http:// Mr LiPhone: 021-34123495-822 34123509Mobile phone: Fax: 021-34123496E-mail: Dail_lixiaolei (@ ) content:

Limits of item on display:
The mould is made be produced with treatment, mould and finalize the design equipment, of all kinds bearing, of all kinds tool, hardware, fast finalize the design etc of tool of & high speed, machine tool tool, project, design, material, quality assures automata, processing and other product

Postpone meeting introduction:
European mould is exhibited (Euromold) hold every year, had held 14 up to now, it is one is in European area famous degree very tall, only
The exhibition with strong sex of course of study.
2007, ginseng postpone business nearly 2, 000, have come from world each district about 61 of nearly 100 countries, the professional audience of 720 person-time. Among them, CEO is occupied
21.1% , business extends a manager to occupy 15.7% , owner is occupied 15.2% . Exhibit during the meeting, have come from more than 3 newspaper, broadcast, TV, the news media public figure of 000 people above extends the deepness coverage that has home, international to this. Additional, during exhibition, will hold a few high level at the same time internationally culture communication, technology communication can reach special subject lecture.

Exhibit can review:
The Euromold dimensions 2007 amounts to 100 thousand much square, 2008 exhibit an area to predict to will achieve 120 thousand square; Ginseng exhibit business to come from world each district, each
Of the country exhibited business to all can give very high opinion to exhibiting. Join those who exhibit consciousness to strengthen as the development of contemporary mould and Chinese entrepreneur, chinese ginseng exhibits business to increase by degrees every year in the speed with 19 % . The mould has made indispensable one part in more and more industries, the professional group that I manage as Europe the mould is exhibited is exhibited square, entered line of business of the state-owend enterprise in continueing to organize 2006 exhibit meeting, the hope becomes company of Chinese more pattern to move toward the bridge of the world.
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