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A cloth was plunged into 2008 than exhibition of international electron communic
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Country: ChinaCity: A BuzabiSponsor an unit: Mi Aolan is specialConference time: [2008-05-26] comes [2008-05-28]Exhibit meeting address: Cloth of A of couplet chief of a tribe of middle east A is plunged into exhibit a center than internationalExhibit house title: Cloth of A of couplet chief of a tribe of middle east A is plunged into exhibit a center than internationalNetwork address: Http://Contact: China young ladyPhone: 0086-571-87761790 87707037Mobile phone: Fax: E-mail: Expo2-2@meorient-hz.comConference content:

Telegraphic course, mobile phone reachs its fittings and radiophone, secure phone and its fittings, equipment of card of reticle, net and its computer, microphone, video and communication of its computer periphery, telegraphic system and equipment, IT and software, network and broadband equipment, equipment of cable, orbiter, radiobroadcast, teleprocessing. [postpone meeting brief introduction] communication of middle east electron is exhibited (MECOM) will be held in Abuzabi on April 22, 2007. Government of state of chief of a tribe of couplet of this mark A is right of electronic newsletter industry give aid to strength is mixed take seriously. In the meantime, this also mirrorred instead this industry is in A couplet chief of a tribe, it is a of area of whole middle east good development the look of things even. Electronic newsletter industry, it is the pillar industry that development of modern science and technology needs, also be the supportive property that a country should acquire fast and dovish development place to need at the same time.
The audience of MECOM basically comes from country of thalassic union member (GCC) : A couplet chief of a tribe, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Add the person look around of Iraq, Iran and Yemen, exceed 60% of total visiting number. Still have the person that come from what country of other middle east is like Egypt, Libyan, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan to look around, hold sum total 17% . The audience that African country is like the country such as Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya will be amounted to 10% . Country of periphery of the Black Sea and in inferior before Russia (Si Tan of Turkmen Si Tan, Azerbaijan, Kazakstan, Wu Ci Biekesitan) national audience is occupied 6% . Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan) the audience is occupied 7% .
To domestic company, especially annals is developed middle east, North Africa, medium inferior and for the domestic company of market of the South Asian Subcontinent, communication of middle east electron is exhibited is a chance undoubtedly! Had attended middle east certainly at present (Abuzabi) the well-known company that international communication exhibits: China for, group of telecommunication of Nuojiya, HP, Aerkate, sheikdom (Etisalat) , Du.
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