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New-style paper batteries can generate electricity with sweat

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American researcher announced a newest scientific research positive result 13 days, they discover paper also can resemble batteries same, provide electric power for the mankind. Future, the motivation of these paper batteries comes from the sweat fluid of human body or blood possibly even, and these paper batteries also hopeful generates electricity for all sorts of device inside embedded human body. According to the report, a Jiayan of · of Pu Like Er expresses the material scientist of American Lun Sile technical institute: "After waiting for us to solve this one technology thoroughly, we basically can print batteries and super capacitor. "A Jiayan says: "We think, this technology is current energy market and need of power industry place, and power industry is being searched all the time smaller lighter the sources of energy. " To make battery of this kind of paper, in the pipe of rice of accept of carbon of common paper immerge that researcher will use daily above all. The length that rice of accept of this kind of carbon runs has billion only 1/0 meters, be equivalent to the diameter of a DNA only. After rice of accept of this kind of carbon is in charge of immerge, common paper became black, easy and electric. Should soak the electrolyte in common batteries after these black paper, these paper became the cell that can generate electricity. Researcher expresses, make the battery of a piece of paper that go out through this kind of means, the energy-saving lamp that can be a lot of flashlight provides electric power. In addition, the scientist still uses development of cell of this kind of paper to go out other the way that offers the sources of energy, for instance current and common apply the super capacitor in electric car. This kind of super capacitor can make electric car moves longer, can undergo change of very big temperature. Not only such, these paper batteries still can use the electrolyte of different type, it is human body even inside contain salinity liquid, be like sweat fluid and blood. If breakthrough of this one science and technology can become reality, future it will have a lot of new application in biology and medical respect. These paper batteries still can be folded euqally like duplicating paper of Cheng Houhou fold, when a lot of paper batteries work at the same time, will output more electric power. These paper not only frivolous, and can be folded zigzag by the turn different figure, still can undergo very big temperature change even. Investigator says: "No matter be 70 much Celsius 0, still be 170 much Celsius, no matter be,still be in in antarctic dead cereal, they can act well. "According to the tentative idea of researcher, people future will is like through one sort imprint the device of newspaper machine, will print batteries of this kind of paper large-scaly.

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