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Our country low-pressure electric machinery is full automatic accuse section cab

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Our country low-pressure electric machinery is full automatic accuse section cable technology to obtain major breakthrough

According to report of Xinhua News Agency, from Guangdong hall of province science and technology learns, 6 years through our country brainpower the technology tackles key problem, "Low-pressure electric machinery is full automatic accuse section cable technology " , the expert group appraisal that heads with Li Baihu of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering was passed in Beijing recently, think this achievement fill home is blank, section electricity efficiency is remarkable, have wide applied perspective.
Electric machinery is the machinery of main motive force of electrification times, also be electrified wire netting main bad news can equipment. At present our country has 1 billion electric machinery to be in about operation, 60% what bad news report takes total negative charge of electrified wire netting, occupy whole industrial 70% electric. The bottleneck that the sources of energy of be enslaved to be enslaved to is in short supply, the electric machinery that our country has 6 to become about at present is in under the design the bear condition of 60% issues rated negative charge move, bring about those who be as high as 30% to be wasted with report. And run as a result of long-term low voltage, the whole nation is in every year by amount of burn down electric machinery 200 thousand second above, repair cost to amount to 2 billion yuan or so because of what this costs, the loss of shutdown stop production that cause is as high as one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan. Accordingly, below the situation that lack report research and development popularizes low-pressure electric machinery energy-saving technology, it is our country is advanced currently energy-saving model the point of serious put forth effort that social compose establishs.
It is reported, "Low-pressure electric machinery is full automatic accuse section cable technology " report of happy by much general of city of Guangdong crane hill new and high section limited company together the research organization of domestic famous electrification such as department of electric machinery of university of place of electrician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua, learn in order to produce to grind to cooperative mode all previous tackles key problem via technology of 6 years and be finished. Department of Tsinghua university electric machinery teachs Wang Xianghang to say, the principle of this technology is to improve electric machinery to external moving environment realizes dynamic n to manage and realize report of frequency conversion section, in particular operation respect, be add in electric machinery those who install circuit of high-powered number word processing and exclusive development is full automatic accuse chip technology equipment, detect automatically ab extra voltage signal and the power factor signal that electric machinery feedbacks undertake changing handling, make electric machinery comes true below low-pressure condition optimal move.
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