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New technology of cable of a few kinds of sections

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The electric energy that draws with electric equipment place includes to be used up effectively with loss two parts. Be being used up effectively is to point to use up directly process or other are produced in the product must electric energy; Loss is to point to in product production process, because equipment character is mixed,produce the electric energy of loss of place of itself of unit process of cargo bandling or other form loss. Managing what point to with report is to take all sorts of step, reduce electric energy loss (include damage of net of electrified wire netting) , rise to use electric rate effectively. Consider and popularize new technology of cable of following red-letter day. Can produce remarkable section report result, have important economic sense. (1) efficient electromotor: It is to use new material and improve a design, have the electromotor of element of small loss, high power. Current, 60% what electromotor occupies our country to always use n with report. The efficiency of efficient electromotor is taller than average level electromotor 2% ~ 7% , permanent magnetism electromotor can improve efficiency 4% ~ 10% . (2) efficient section report lighting engineering: 20% what use up electric energy to be common incandescent lamp only below coequal intensity of illumination like rare earth fluorescent lamp; Energy-saving electric lamp replaces incandescent lamp to be able to improve efficiency 50% above. (3) technology of electric power electron: It is high-power electronic parts, microelectronics and small processing technology and contemporary the omnibus technology that cybernatic photograph combines, carry in industry, traffic, the domain such as electric home appliances
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