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Indoor every corner is OK " sunshine " illuminate all things

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Current, laboratory of state of mountain of oak of American energy department opens system of lighting of a kind of when give out mixture solar energy, its job principle is the sunshine that will collect is passed fiber-optic bundle indoor illume is in delivering a building. Researcher says, this system is mixed in illume maintain cost two respects have huge energy-saving latent capacity. In addition, to the user character, natural lighting has the advantage that cannot compare than artificial illume. It is reported, system of lighting of mixture solar energy is collected by sunshine, the light is delivered and a few parts such as illume club are comprised. The sunshine receiver that installation is 48 inches in the diameter on housetop and face of 2 class lens can dog automatically the sun, enter the sunshine focusing that collects 127 what with mixture light unit is joined is root, fiber-optic in, mixture light device installs glazed line to diffuse club (illume club) , look to be in charge of as neon lamp. These lights spread club through fiber-optic deliver the sunshine that come over to shoot to each indoor direction, achieve illuminative result thereby. Receiver of every sunshine on housetop can be 8 ~ 12 lights spread the club provides light energy, illume area amounts to 90m2. When this world outdoor is not worth or be done not have, the sensor on this system is OK automata is artificial illume, maintain indoor brightness. According to estimation, system of lighting of every mixture solar energy is in illume respect is annual can section report 6000kWh, in cooling respect can section report 2000kWh. The expert predicts, future blends system of solar energy lighting to have huge commercial market. (pick be defeated oneself become telegraphic breath)

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