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How will prospective mankind still gain electric power

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Human body heat energy In life process of the person, sending out all the time heat energy, these heat energy fill to be wasted for nothing for the most part. Calculate according to the scientist, the human body heat energy that at present 60 much population waste the whole world every year adds up, be equivalent to the electric power that 10 nuclear power plant produce. If can come loose these,the development of human body heat energy of lose is used rise, it will make huge contribute for the mankind. December 1998, japan already the watch that accordingly the principle develops heat energy of body of benefit choose and employ persons to replace batteries drive. Company of a telegraphic telephone of American also is designing the novel office building that builds heat energy of body of choose and employ persons of a benefit. Human body kinetic energy The person can have time of ten hours on average to have an activity everyday, human body kinetic energy also is the big treasure house of new energy resources. The scientists of American Masschusetts Institute of Technology develop the unit that electric energy acquires when giving choose and employ persons of a kind of benefit to walk successfully. With getatable of this kind of device electric energy can amount to 67W most, the electric energy that scientist hope walks by such people and changes, can use for mobile phone and portable computer. Bacterium can The scientists that the United States adds bureau of aerospace of university of benefit rich Niya and American country recently find bacili of a kind of be addicted to in the Dead Sea and crude salt lake, it contains a kind of violet pigment, when the of about 10% sunshine that accepts place when it is changed into chemical energy, can generate charge. Use this kind of bacterium to generate electricity principle, still can build bacterial power station. Computation makes clear, a power is the bacterial power station of 1000kW, require the germiculture juice of 1000m3 bulk only, use up 200kg candy to be able to maintain its movement to generate electricity hourly. And this kind of power station is a kind of green power station that does not pollute an environment, the waste material that its movement produces basically is carbon dioxide and water. Rain can Rain already can accept the scientist's favour fully nowadays, become a kind of important new the sources of energy that can use for development. Rain can with compare early with respect to the wind energy photograph that development uses, have a few identical characteristics: Intermittence, density is inhomogenous. Different is, the medium of wind energy is air, rain can medium is water. The energy density of water is 900 times bigger than air capabilities density. In the meantime, a few rainy areas exist on the earth, wait like much rain belt of equatorial rain belt, west wind, the area of district of these a few rain belt adds up the 50% above that occupy upper gross area. (pick be defeated oneself change electric information signs up for)

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