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Semiconductor illume leads illume the 3rd times revolution

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Semiconductor illume comes out to already had 40 year Semiconductor illume, give off light namely diode, it is the revolutionary breakthrough technology after incandescent lamp of the afterwards on illume history, fluorescent lamp, it is one kind can mix visible light of electric energy translate into directly the glow parts of an apparatus of radiant energy. 20 centuries 60 time, diode of glow of the 1st semiconductor is born, it shows volume small, life is long, safe the advantage of low pressure, energy-saving, environmental protection, as a kind new-style illume method entered the scientist's field of vision. Although already had 40,semiconductor illume comes out old, but long-term since, semiconductor glow diode can give out chromatic brightness only, often use in adornment domain to assist the part of illuminant adequately. Till 20 centuries 90 time metaphase, nitrogen of material of the 3rd acting semiconductor changes the breakthrough of gallium, and of diode of blue, green, white glow after coming out, semiconductor illume just is able to enter daily illuminative field. Semiconductor illume is energy-saving, environmental protection Semiconductor illume has working report depress, power consumption tall, life grows efficiency of small, glow wait for an advantage. Compare with traditional incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp photograph, but section report amounts to 90% above, and 100 times what life can achieve common incandescent lamp however. The possibility below normal circumstance uses a semiconductor light 50 years above. Statistical data makes clear, our country uses Yu Zhaoming's electric power every year to be close to H of · of 25 billion KW at present, if among them 1/3 uses semiconductor illume, annual but H of · of 80 billion KW controls section report, be equivalent to year of electricenergy production of 3 gorge power station. Semiconductor illume returns special environmental protection, there is ultraviolet ray, infrared ray in the spectrum that it produces, without quantity of heat and radiate, won't produce overmuch smooth pollution and hot pollution, belong to typical green lighting light source. Because semiconductor illume life is long, but little waste produces resource; After semiconductor floodlight discards as useless, relevant fittings can reclaim use. Still can rise with the use union of wind energy, solar energy, send light for outlying area. Road is infinite before semiconductor illume Although semiconductor illume sounds fresh, but Everyman has begun to use, the setting illuminant of the high-tech product such as camera of mobile phone, palmtop computer, number used semiconductor floodlight. Because semiconductor lamp has the advantage such as energy-saving, macrobian life, maintenance-free, easy control, environmental protection, illume trade public figure thinks generally, like replacing tube as transistor, semiconductor enters common illume field already was hasten of general trends place. At present semiconductor illume applies a domain to include: Light of illuminant of landscape illume, car, back, traffic, outdoors show in screen, special job illume and military affairs are applied etc. As the technology progress and manufacturing cost are reduced, its application range will be more wide model.

Current, a few developed countries already included a country to develop plan schedule semiconductor illume property, wait like the United States, Japan, European Union, Korea. Tycoons of 3 big illume industry are general and electric group of group, flying benefit riverside, Ou Silang group cooperates with semiconductor company in succession, establish semiconductor industry. Our country also was initiated 2003 " project of national semiconductor illume " , demonstrative base is built in and other places of Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen, regard the market as breach with illume of landscape of car, city, put illume of semiconductor of high-power, tall brightness in prominent place, its achievement will serve to be met at Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world rich. (pick be defeated change telegraphic breath signs up for)

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