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New technology of company of Swedish cataract energy will make CO2 is discharged
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According to " Swedish daily " reported on September 5, carbon dioxide (CO2) depart and store will becoming reality. Company of Swedish cataract energy (Vattenfall) the power plant of a coal that is in Germany is opposite from inside other emission depart gives carbon dioxide to have a test, will make the new facility that uses at was being thrown on September 9 carbon dioxide is discharged decrease 95 - 98% . The report says, this power plant borders big power plant of German Schwarze Pumpe, cataract company departs for carbon dioxide of research and development and store the method already threw 70 million euro, the purpose is to make coal continues to become usable the sources of energy. The aerobic technology that this small power station uses, put in furnace namely have oxygen, blaze is ignited, at the same time coal end gush is into furnace in oxygen combustion, generation quantity of heat, vapor, slag and horary 9 tons carbon dioxide. After carbon dioxide classics is compressed, memory is in underground, on classics hundred years hind translate into limestone. This equipment scope is very little, still cannot replace big power plant to have facility temporarily, but equipment of masser aerobic fuel technology will build stage by stage. Reduce a side effect in view of its remarkable, the European Union hopes to be in in the near future built-in into 10 - 12 similar device. Afore-mentioned equipment whether can gain on the knees of the gods, but the construction cost that seizes power plant of estimation oxygen fuel and wind power plant comparative.

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