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American development goes wind-force of new-style low cost to generate electrici
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An engineer of American developed a kind of new-style much rotor wind-force recently turbine equipment, have volume the good point with small, low cost. According to media coverage, current wind- driven power station is equivalent to the dimensions of a small-sized city almost, comprise by a few turbine and hundreds paddle normally. Make, the cost that carry and installs these equipment is high, and the project is complex. What differ with this is, what the wind rotor of the anguine " in the sky of this kind of " that be called that Doug Saiersamu designs American engineer uses is the rotor of all sorts of size, they are in by join same on axes. Adopt different point of view, every rotor can take wind severally. In addition, turbine of wind-force of each many rotor joins go up in identical dynamo, the energy of generation is equivalent to convention giant the energy that wind rotor produces, and the data that it needs is original only however very one of. Report, the market prospect of equipment of turbine of wind-force of this kinds of many rotor is capacious, can use at the family already, also can use at commerce to generate electricity.

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