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The European Union popularizes technology of use heat pump actively
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Reporter Wang Yingbin reports hot pump technique is in recent years the technology of times new energy resources that gets attention of world each country. " of alleged " hot pump is one kind can get low grade heat energy from inside the air of nature, water or soil, do work through electric power, offer the unit of the high grade heat energy that can be used by people place. Regard the whole world as one of calefacient countermeasure, this year the beginning of the year, european committee was published about advance development but the new EU(European Union of second birth the sources of energy) instruction plan, develop to using the technology that heat up pump among them but second birth the sources of energy gives sufficient affirmation. Up to now, country of member of a few EU heats up pump technology development to second birth the sources of energy already had specific attitude and can try actively to carry out to using, but still have partial member state awaiting wait-and-see. The country that uses hot pump technology to occupy front row in promotion at present has Germany, Sweden, France, Holand, England to wait. Among them German attitude is most positive, according to saying, up to already popularized hot pump device to make an appointment with 100 thousand 2005, only sales volume of a year increased seventeen thousand six hundred 2005, than going up year grew 35% . In addition, the Sweden of boreal Europe mixes managing the sources of energy use but second birth the sources of energy tries to advance as the key of energy policy carry out, from last centuries 80 time begin, the government gives capital gives aid to etc, active promotion uses hot pump technology. Accordingly, 90 time second half period begin to heat up pump technology to get be popularizinged quickly, current, have unit of 400 thousand hot pump about using, make an appointment with among them 7 becoming is serve as heat source with the heat of the earth's interior. According to statistic, now, EU member country is mutual device of about 1 million hot pump is being used, among them 45% those who use is the heat of the earth's interior. Heat up pump association according to Europe (the data that EHPA) provides, the European Union added hot pump unit newly 2005 than going up year grew 16% , showed hot pump technology is being popularized steadily in European Union each country.

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