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Technology of photoelectricity of foreign solar energy develops milepost
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Above all, these the respect had year of production branch art that comes in solar battery and its component to progress greatly. The solar battery that takes the main aspect at present is silicon solar battery, it divides solar battery of in relief batteries of the single person that taste silicon, polycrystalline silicon again (solar battery of floorboard crystal silicon) with solar battery of the silicon that be not brilliant. In addition, still have CaAs solar battery, CdTe solar battery and CuInSe2 (CIS) the solar battery. The average efficiency of component of monocrystalline silicon solar battery oneself achieve 3% one 15% , highest efficiency already achieved the lab 2 4% (Australian Xin Nawei Er person university) . The average efficiency of component of polycrystalline silicon solar battery also has 12% one 14% the lab is the most efficient oneself achieve 19.8% . Because scale of production expands, produce the improvement of craft, the production cost of component of crystal silicon solar battery already fell 3.0~3 · Wp of 5 dollars / , the price of package also falls to be controlled to Wp of / of 3.5 one 4.5 dollars accordingly, photoelectricity system cost is 7~9 dollar about / Wp is solved to because its stability problem is couldn't get for a long time,be not brilliant silicon solar battery, ever put for a time develop rate slow. The functional material that because introduced,makes C and so on of late however and development became cell of silicon of brilliant of the blame that fold a layer, its stability got marked improvement, recovered the attention of people. At present the photoelectricity of solar battery of silicon of brilliant of odd form blame changes efficiency to stabilize a value to already achieved 5%~7% , the lab is the most efficient for 13.2 people much knot batteries is 7% ~ 9% , highest efficiency is the lab cost of raw material of component of batteries of silicon of brilliant of blame of 15.3% odd forms Wp of 0.3 dollars / , price WP of / of 3 one 3.5 dollars; The cost difference of component of much knot batteries is bigger, price is 3.5~4.5Wp. In new-style batteries respect, lucky + Dr. MichelGraetzel invented solar battery of brilliant of organic accept rice. Because this kind of batteries has perspective of potential efficient low cost and the wide attention that caused people. However, with respect to existing research hasten all along looks, the main interest of photoelectricity bound still is centered on the research of solar battery of crystal silicon film, already gained the headway of different level. 1995 wool energy resources of Australian Pacific Ocean is public department alleges already developed solar battery of film of silicon of a kind of crystal, plan to realize industrialization inside 7 years of time, build 20MWp product line, at the appointed time batteries cost will fall 1 bay yuan / Wp is the following. Meanwhile, technology of solar energy photoelectricity uses systematic field, in all previous classics traffic signal, communication, protection tubal a network and remote after the special situation of the respect such as the dweller household power supply that does not have the report, area that lack report applies, marching toward now relatively apply to more wholesale business. On one hand, million covers with tiles class sunshine power station appears ceaselessly, in already building power station of million made of baked clay class, the biggest already achieved 6.5MWp (American California) . Building dimensions of sunshine power station to achieve 50MWp at present (Greek Kelite island) , and dimensions will reach the bigger sunshine power station that preparation builds 100MWp (the United States) ; On the other hand, in recent years the government of a lot of countries takes housetop sunshine seriously to generate electricity very much systematic development. These systems undertake installing power supply for the unit with the family, at the same time to reduce cost leave out store can component (accumulator) , connect with big electrified wire netting, mutual and compensatory electric energy. German government took the lead in rolling out 1000 housetop of " to plan " 1990, come to already completed system of nearly 10 thousand roof 1997, every cover capacity 1~5KWp, accumulative total installs a quantity to already amounted to 33MWp. German government offerred plan of 100 thousand housetop further 1998, will finish this year 0. 60 thousand. Japanese government began to carry out " to face south 7 years to plan " 1994, arrive to will install system of 162 thousand roof 2000, total capacity amounts to 185MWp, announced 70 thousand housetop of executive " plan " again again 1997, every capacity enlarges 4KWp, total capacity is 280MWp. Italy also began to execute housetop of solar energy of " whole nation to plan " 1998, will finish 2002, always throw 550 billion lira, total capacity 50MWp. Even India also extends system of roof of 1.5 million solar energy at announcing to be before 2002 in December 1997. In this kind of system, the most typical is the American " that American president Clinton announced 1997 in June housetop of 1 million solar energy plans " , according to this one plan, to 2010 the United States will install residence of 1.014 million solar energy and building photoelectricity system, total installation quantity will achieve 3025MWp. Observe according to American world the research of the institute reports, enter 90 age with course of study, solar energy photoelectricity advocate tasted market sales volume with year all the spoke of 16% is spent increase by degrees, 1997 add with close 40%.1998 year, although,add spoke somewhat fall after a rise, but the growth that still has 29% , the total sales of solar battery component achieves 157.4MWp, already became the whole world to develop the sources of energy with the rapiddest rate. According to estimation, at present the value of market of component of world solar battery already amounted to above of 600 million dollar, and the value of market of whole photoelectricity system is 1.5 billion dollar. Since 1993, the development of technology of photoelectricity of American solar energy, be in world banner standing all the time, total sales was 58.2MWp 1998, 37% what occupy world gross. Because the development plan of this United States is had,represent an import. According to Canada mineral with energy technology center (the market of photoelectricity of international solar energy of CANMET) studies the report is forecasted, to 2010, photoelectricity component total sales will achieve 0.8-1.0GWp(1000MWp) . The report of a research of Australian state-maintaineding university is forecasted, sale of world solar battery will keep annual the rate of 20% rises, to 2010 total sales will achieve 1.6GWp. In addition somebody has made more hopeful estimation. Henceforth inside 10 years will with average the rate of 30% rises, arrive to will achieve 4.6GWp 2010, accumulative total capacity will achieve 20GWp. To next century middle period, the 15% ~ that sunshine electricenergy production will take world total electricenergy production 20% , exceed nuclear report, become one of basic the sources of energy of the mankind. In such development posture falls, although show power source of convention of outclass of cost of photoelectric of some solar energy | Manostat | Manostat, the sunshine inside the near future generates electricity industrial gain is very meager, some companies sustain losses in business even manage, but before issue the market prospect of a century to already was shown in person J explicitly. A few big international are right round, like card of carapace of Xi Menzi company, Holand company of BP of Petroleum Company, England, United States Amokeshi is oily company, A expects Petroleum Company, peacefully natural gas company intervene in succession this one domain, eagerly development and make big 1 batteries reachs his relevant product. Among them housing card company, BP company and the solar battery productivity of Ximen subsidiary all oneself super- , 10MWp, dominating market of photoelectricity of world solar energy stage by stage.

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