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England creates the whole world in deserted harbour the biggest live thing is si
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Be stationed in according to England China diplomatic mission introduction, the harbour that England discarded in harbor of baud of Er of Cambria south tower a few days ago begins to make a raw material can power plant. After building, this factory will make the whole world power plant of the greatest clean energy resources. This project by London but Prenergy of company of development of second birth energy opens up endowment 400 million pound, hopeful is at the beginning of 2010 complete. After complete, this power plant can reduce 3.5 million tons carbon dioxide every year to discharge an amount, will come true for Cambria 2010 but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity target make the contribution of about 70% . Writing brush according to British energy minister · He Du introduces about, this power plant basically will be used but second birth the sources of energy- - wood chip serves as fuel, planning generating capacity is 350 million tile, the green electric power that produces can be used for the family of Cambria half. Besides combustion wood chip, willow fragment and sawdust, this power plant still can use agricultural litter, be like straw, mat is careless, birds dung will generate electricity, according to the explanation of a spokesman of Prenergy company. Can last what the wood chip that power plant place uses will come from the United States, Russia and Wukelan entirely forestry centre, through the boat carry reachs a power plant. The director Matthew Carse of Prenergy introduces, use a ship large-scaly to carry, will have very tall environmental protection beneficial result, because every kilometer boat carries,the carbolic discharge capacity of a generation is equivalent to only overland 1/25 what carry. Carse still points out, of power plant generate electricity the process won't produce harmful odour, the emission that its see exclusively is vapor. The power plant can have a 100 meters tall big chimney, the structure is top amount to 65 meters. The effect that they had produced to air had undertaken becoming independent assessment, its show " is 0 " almost as a result. Up to now, the live thing with the biggest England is simple can power plant is his one of careless power plant of mat of 3 birds dung, be located in the Ford of spy of a place of strategic importance of England the eastpart part, electricenergy production is 38.5 million tile; In England the eastpart part, still have the biggest straw power plant on the world, electricenergy production is 38 million tile; Still one is located in the power plant that Aberdonian is fuel with lumber near Luokebi, generating capacity is 44 million tile, can offer 70, 000 families are used. Live thing is simple can hopeful and wind energy together, become British legal one of main the sources of energy. According to the regulation, to 2010, be in England, there should be 10% to originate in the raw material that energy company place uses green resource.

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