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Special condition of technology of big sectional lead releases high-pressured dc
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On June 5, company of national electrified wire netting holds a news briefing in Beijing, released 800 kilovolt of ± bright and beautiful screen - transmission network of dc of high pressure of Su Na spy 900 square millimeter is big condition of sectional lead technology. Big sectional lead is in special the application of high-pressured dc circuitry, can reduce electric energy loss, raise electrified wire netting to carry benefit of economic integration of cycle of whole life of efficiency and lead. The issuance of condition of this one technology, will urge our country production technology of big sectional lead upgrades, whole of level of technology of stimulative transmit electricity progresses, at the same time promotion home lead and construction machines and tools make a standard. 800 kilovolt of ± bright and beautiful screen - transmission network of dc of high pressure of Su Na spy removes Sichuan Xi Chang to change on the west shed a station, to Jiangsu Wu Jiang is changed east shed a station, full-length 2095.5 kilometre. The reporter understands, bright and beautiful screen - transmission network of dc of high pressure of Su Na spy uses 900 square millimeter big sectional lead, with traditional 630 square millimeter sectional lead photograph is compared, according to year loss hour number is calculated for 3000 hours, annual every kilometre circuitry but section report forty-three thousand two hundred kilowatt hour, all fronts will be created one year energy-saving fall cost is direct benefit many yuan 4000; Press power supply coal consumption coal of 360 grams mark / kilowatt hour computation, all fronts will reduce mark coal one year to use up seventy-seven thousand three hundred and fifty tons, the carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon makes an appointment with two hundred and one thousand two hundred tons. Resisting natural disaster respect, the load of fresh gale level of big sectional lead is reduced about 10% ; 15 millimeter Fu puts perpendicular load on the ice to reduce about 7% , horizontal load is reduced about 2% , integrated tower reduces 1% ~ again 2% . Current, condition of this lead technology already passed evaluation. Academy of science of Chinese electric power introduced 900 square millimeter method of parameter of the use condition of technology of big sectional lead, standard, technology and performance demand, experiment and test gauge wait. Limited company of net dc project introduced the country lead spot is exhibited put test case. 40 Yu Jiasong changes manufacturer of production of electric construction unit, lead attended a news briefing.

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