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Research and development of scientist of foreign citizen of Chinese origin gives
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According to Singapore " associated morning paper " report, liquid waste is trashy trash no longer, huang Haoyong of science of Singapore state big environment and professor of engineering department assistant (35 years old) development goes place to want the system of microbial fuel cell with inferior cost, use liquid waste to generate electricity, not only economic energy resources, special also environmental protection. He is science of country of this year Singapore and scientist of youth of award of science and technology one of award winners. Huang Haoyong heavies repair in the country when reading civil engineering to fasten, generate strong interest to abandoning water treatment. He is repaired subsequently read course of environmental project Master, research of velar biology reactor pursues when reading aloud a doctor to the United States. He says: "Useless water treatment is a very big question. Additional, I am right also microbial research very have fun at. "The research project before him includes to use accept rice science and technology, develop new generation to pervade film, raise the yield that purifies water. He is undertaking osmotic filmy research reversely at present, use canal of carbolic accept rice to serve as film, the water member that invites liquid waste passes film, liquid of desalt tall pH indicator. Additional, he also develops the system of microbial fuel cell that gives more effective, low cost, let organic liquid waste generate electricity. He expresses, although system of microbial fuel cell can generate electricity with liquid waste, nevertheless defect is, the cobalt that uses inside batteries system (Cobalt) crossed 3 two months to need to change, if regard industrial utility as cost taller. His team passes a year of much research, when making system of microbial fuel cell is generating electricity, do not need to change cobaltic, bring down cost, let this science and technology have economic effect more. He explains, this science and technology applies to the industry such as the food that generates a lot of organic liquid waste. Huang Haoyong is patent application of achievement of these two research to counterpoise at present.

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