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Visit a developed country how section report (Sweden)
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Section report is to plant live requirement
In the requirement of character and morals of Chinese tradition, managing it is important composition. To modern character, section report is the important composition of spare quality and style.
Archaic sage of China thinks: "Frugal, of heart in all also; Wasteful, evil big also " , show a kind of synthesis of the quality and style that treats a person sparely. Make the value of one general lifetime of human society sparely, collective goodness, it is OK to representing a kind of mankind because of it namely more long-term, more reasonable, more admirably lives the need that go down. No matter the mankind develops what level, always meet those who face a variety of environment restrict, ask for cannot excessively, cruel use an exhaust. Look from economic activity of the mankind, the ancients says, strong this and husband, criterion day cannot deficient, this barren and with wasteful, criterion what the day cannot make is rich. The circumstance that the ancients place talks about is the economic activity of agricultural society, in society of industry and commerce, the truth of the source that broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure is fortune also does not have a change.
To contemporary China character, economic development still lies to compare the level of extensive relatively, the bottleneck limitation of resource is more outstanding, accordingly, construction is managing model the society is urgent affairs. To contemporary Chinese character, the anguish with exasperate zoology is everybody can feel somewhat, zoology aggravation is the natural penalty of a kind of catholicity, no matter you are wealthy person or poor. If we are a bit more managing, the pressure of zoology environment can decrease a bit. Managing model society and environment are friendly model the society is completely unified.
Report is activity of current mankind production is indispensible, also be daily life is indispensible, it is mixed like air almost water is same, instantly indispensable. Because report comes too conveniencely, conveniently can be gotten, what people often is opposite is insufficient cherish. But once appear when power cut, people just feels be unable to carry on even for a single day of in a state of anxiety. People should handle the supply of electric power with having the mood when report, much dot is cherished, awe-stricken even.
Managing divide an administrative levels with report, it is managing production uses phone, 2 it is managing life uses phone. Right former and character, main course of action is to accelerate relevant technical progress, increase concerned investment, have the production of section report, produce the product of section report. To latter character, important is managing moral character promote and gain ground, and the habits and customs with good nurturance.
To report, should think of hard-earned, notice material resources is hard.
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