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New material applies mediumly in power industry
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Material is in of power industry reflecting is many sided, basic it is the success application such as material of production material, conductor, semiconductor, insulating material move normally for power system reach safety to move made positive contribution, a lot of new-style material are in or be about to promote the development of electric power. Well-known, superconductive material go up oneself after appearing at the beginning of the century, received wide application in power industry, exceed current limliting of electric machine, superconductive transformer, superconductive cable, superconductive fault current for example implement, superconduction store can device. And occupy meeting of summit of industry of superconduction of the 5th international (ISIS-5) forecast: Technology of superconductive electric power (will give priority to with high temperature superconduction) will control 2015 in 2010 ~ appear to apply large-scaly. As the occurrence of new energy resources, solar energy already was considered as the new energy resources of free from contamination of 21 centuries cleanness, but because its density is low, climate impact is big, and efficiency of commonly used material of changeover of smooth hot season is at present low, cost is high, reason hard large-scale promotion. Other wind energy, tide, seawater, terrestrial heat the generates electricity to also be put in data side problem that wait, the task that studies data of new energy resources so becomes urgent matter. The occurrence of accept rice material also added new hope for the development of electric power, electromotor of rice of accept rice rotor, accept already photograph add comes out. Of course, the application of new material is many sided, and of material introduce also provided solid corporeal basis for electric power new facility, it is the applied foreground in power industry estimates new material very hard only.

Our country in material science and maths the research of two domains ranks before alive bound 10, so the material course development of our country also reflected the advanced level of the world basically. But pay close attention to most the technology is dynamic, discover data appears in abroad mostly however in the newest application of power industry however: The accept rice electromotor with beautiful the smallest development, flower control of the plastic cable, beautiful rice that use offer builds built on stilts of high pressure of research and development the smallest rotor is waited a moment. The purpose that new material develops depends on applying, when the forward position that can the material application technology of our country also be in the world?
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